Saturday, February 25, 2012

Borax Crystal Snowflake

Making a shiny, glittery snowflake was our very last wintery project for the season. Also my way of celebrating that it is almost spring. =-)

Supplies: 2 cups water
                1/3 cup borax
                pipe cleaner
                glass cup or jar

Instructions: Boil water. Pour in glass jar. Add borax and mix. The solution will not fully dissolve. Shape your pipe cleaner into a snowflake or whatever shape you want. Attach one end of the string to the pipe cleaner and the other end to the pencil. Put pipecleaner in the water with the pencil at the top of your jar or cup. Let it soak in the borax water for about 12 hours. Let it dry.

We did it in the morning so we could watch it all day, then I took the snowflake out to dry overnight so Mercedes could play with it the next morning. I wash her hands whenever she is done playing with her snowflake since it is made of borax.

It turned out so pretty, we are definitely making more for Christmas decorations next year! I'm sure it would have looked more snowflake-like if we'd used a white pipe cleaner, but Mercedes wanted a blue one so a blue one was what she got. =-)

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