Monday, February 13, 2012

Window Painting

One thing I never want to be guilty of is limiting my daughter's ability to learn. I want to give her every opportunity to stimulate her brain by introducing her to new things, by playing fun and educational games and yes, by letting her get her little hands dirty. Okay, hands, feet, clothes, hair, whatever. Kids learn with ALL their 5 senses so why not take advantage of that and give them a chance to learn learn learn? Even if they (or you or your house) get a little messy in the process. Here is the first of many projects that we've been doing to keep her little mind and body active.

Supplies: Washable Paint
                Clear dishwasher liquid

Instructions: Mix paint and dishwasher liquid together. I used about 1/4 dishwasher liquid to 3/4 paint. Find a window that needs some color and let your kids have fun! I gave Mercedes a paint brush but she quickly decided her hands were better for painting with. Avoid contact with eyes because that dish soap stuff can sting! Windows should wash easily with a paper towel and a little water or window cleaner.

Mercedes' window masterpiece.

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