Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jello Sensory

Yes, we did waste an entire batch of grape jello. And yes, it was totally worth it for 45 minutes of fun and learning (and a little bit of snacking).

Supplies: Jello
                cookie sheet
                tools and sensory materials to play with (we used play doh spoons, knives, etc., cookie cutters, pipe cleaners, craft puffs, dried beans and dried rice)

I set the cookie sheet of jello in front of Mercedes with all the tools and materials next to it and told her to have fun and play with it. Needless to say, this activity was a huge success!

Playing with pasta.
Squishing with her fingers.
Scooping with her play doh ice cream scoop.
And doing a whole lot of tasting.
Playing with the pipe cleaners.
And having SOOOO much fun!!!
Poking with a plastic pipe.
Smashing with a lid.
Sprinkling the rice.

Mercedes' finished creation

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