Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby Emerald's Birthday Party

My last few weeks of pregnancy, I tried to come up with an idea to help get Mercedes excited for Emerald to come home from the hospital. A lot of people suggested giving Mercedes a present from the baby. I didn't like that idea. Instead, we took Mercedes shopping and let her pick out a present for Emerald. She picked out a special cake, frosting, sprinkles and candles with the letters "Happy Birthday". My mom contributed balloons, streamers, table cloth and pretty napkins.

While I was at the hospital, my mom and Mercedes prepared a birthday party for Emerald. They decorated the house, baked and decorated the cake, wrapped the presents, and even made a "Diaper Cake" that Mercedes is still incredibly proud of. When me and Emerald came home from the hospital she couldn't wait to show us the birthday party. Such a great way to get a kid excited for their new baby sibling.

The party table.

Diaper cake.

The birthday cake.

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