Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Preschool Bible Lesson: Baby Moses

I let Mercedes hold this baby while I told the story.

I told her that the baby's name was Moses, and Moses' mommy loved him very much. She also loved God very much. And the bad king who ruled the land decided that he was going to hurt all the baby boys whose parents loved God. Moses' mommy was scared, so she put baby Moses in a basket and let him float down the river to hide from the king.

I put the baby in a slit in the basket for the rest of the story. I told Mercedes that God was taking care of baby Moses. The princess found him and loved him and wanted to find someone to take care of him. She gave the baby back to his mommy and made sure the king didn't hurt him. He was safe because God loved Moses and his mommy.

We ended with a prayer thanking God for taking care of all of us.

Mercedes was VERY excited about this story. She retold it in her own toddler way. "Baby! Mommy love love (hugging herself). King...bad. Hurt baby. Mommy scared. Hide baby. Princess find. Love love baby (hugging herself). Baby home! Mommy love." So precious. =-)


  1. I love Mercedes' retelling of the story. She really got it.

  2. What wonderful ideas you have here! Your a good momma. Thanks for sharing!!