Sunday, June 3, 2012

Toddler Spa

Yesterday Mercedes was sad and needed to feel a little extra special. And what better way to make a girl feel special than a day at the spa? While Mercedes was eating her after-nap snack, I turned on a movie for her and snuck into the living room to set up her spa treatment area. 

 First I had her lay down on her couch bed for a back, arms and legs lotion massage.

I wrapped her in a cozy blanket, put a pretty bandanna on her head, and let her soak her feet in bubbly baby bath soap water.
 I gave her a warm, wet washcloth for her forehead to help her relax.

Then gave her a sparkle snowflake for her hand (this lasted about 6 seconds before she started picking off the sparkles) =-)

After she'd soaked her feet for a few minutes, I gave her a foot massage with my special smell good sweet pea and lavender lotion, then painted her toenails.

I rubbed her hands with baby oil and painted her fingernails...she picked the colors.

Then I put a pretty bow in her hair and my lip gloss on her lips. I think I succeeded in making her feel super special.

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