Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Paint Soup"

This project started out with me attempting to make "flour paint", simply flour mixed with paint to create a thick finger paint and a good sensory material. Mercedes had a different plan in mind.

As soon as she saw me dumping the paint and flour, she asked for water to make "soup". Realizing that her idea was better than mine, of course I gave her some. =-) She went to work creating some beautiful paint soup.

I also gave her some baby oil, which made the "soup" even prettier.

I gave her some paper to see if she wanted to paint with her "soup". She did for a minute, then quickly lost interest because, of course, soup is for mixing, not for painting. Silly Mommy.

The secret to a successful toddler activity is to be okay with whatever happens. Chances are your toddler has a better idea than the one you originally had planned. That's part of encouraging creativity. Also, expect a big mess. Better yet, ENJOY a big mess. Yes, my kitchen floor still smells like baby oil. But baby oil smells delicious, so it's okay. =-)

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