Monday, July 23, 2012

Preschool Bible Lesson: The Parting of the Red Sea

We started this lesson by reviewing how God saved His people from the bad king. Of course Mercedes remembered all about it and helped me tell the story.

I gave Mercedes this paper to hold while I told the story. The bottom is sand paper. The top is two pieces of blue paper (with waves drawn on so it looks kind of like water). The paper meets in the middle and can fold up so the "water" can part and there's sand in the middle for God's people to walk through.

I told Mercedes that God's people were so happy to finally get away from the bad king. But as they were walking away, the king decided to chase them. The Red Sea was in front of them so there was no place for them to run or hide. So what did God do? He parted the water so they could walk through it! They ran away from the bad king. When the king tried to follow them, God closed the water back up so the king got stuck in the water. God kept His people safe from the bad king! Now the king would never bother them again.

Mercedes loved to part the sea and close it back up. She retold the story over and over while she did it. She'd say "oh no, oh no!" Then part the water and say "away, away, away!" Then she'd close the water back up and say "ALL SAFE!" I always love hearing her version of the Bible story after I am done telling it. =-)

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  1. Love this idea! Simple yet powerful! Thanks for sharing. I am going to use it tonight with our preschoolers at church.