Friday, August 31, 2012

Mercedes' "Chill Spot"

 Mercedes is a girl. And she's two. So, needless to say she is always full of drama. She is a very sensitive, dramatic and passionate little kid. There are a LOT of hurt feelings, frustration, misunderstandings, miscommunication and therefore tempertantrums going on at our house. So I set up a space for her called her "Chill Spot". This is a place she can go when she's angry, sad, or needs some time to herself. When she's ready, she says "Mom! Talk about." And we sit in her Chill Spot and talk about whatever is making her upset and find a solution. Since we've set this up, her attitude has improved a ton. She's learning how to communicate her feelings instead of screaming, throwing things or keeping them to herself. It's also helping me to find a solution to every one of her problems instead of just blowing her off and assuming she's just being a typical two-year-old and throwing fits just for fun. I'm learning that all of her problems are huge problems to her and I need to respect her feelings and help her deal with them. Mercedes is learning that I really care about her problems and her feelings and is very open to letting me help her deal with them.

Her "Chill Spot" consists of a pretty blanket, two cozy pillows, and a basket of peaceful toys. I'm hoping to add more peaceful toys to her basket soon. I also made her a glittery, shiny sign to label her spot. She loves this place and goes there on her own several times a day.

To learn more, please read The Purpose of the Chill Spot.

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  1. I admire your ability to be introspective in meeting Mercedes' emotional needs and fostering her healthy development of self-regulation.