Saturday, October 6, 2012

Washing Marbles

After a morning of playing with marbles in the sandbox, Mercedes decided they needed to be washed.

I gave her a bowl of marbles, a couple of wash clothes, sponges,  a cup of water, an extra bowl and a little bit of soap.

For a while, she actually washed each one individually...dipping a sponge in soap, then in water, then scrubbing each marble and drying it with a towel.

Once the water got soapy, she started putting several marbles in the cup at a time.

She discovered that as she added marbles, the water rose. She filled the cup with marbles until the water rose to the brim.

She then turned her attention to the empty bowl. She asked me to fill it with water. Then she added soap and the sponges.

Then she took the sponges out, put some marbles in the soapy water and asked me for a spoon so she could mix them up. She said she was making "marble soup".

I love encouraging her creativity by setting supplies up for her and letting her go to work! I never know what she's going to decide to do or how the activity is going to progress. It is amazing to watch her learn while she plays!

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