Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Play Cooking with Real Ingredients

Here we have: ranch dressing, baby food peas, cherries, ketchup, peanut butter, sprinkles, cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, regular syrup, pepper, salt, water, colored rice, flour, brown sugar, vegetable oil and sugar.

Here we have a whole ton of cooking bowls, utensils, cups, plates, spoons and platters.

 Let the fun begin!

 I made Mercedes play in another room while I set this up for her so she was surprised when she walked in the kitchen.

 She wasted no time getting down to business...tasting all her ingredients to make a plan. =-)

And the cooking began! She said she was making me a pie.

Cupcakes for Mommy. =-)

Mercedes spent at LEAST an hour on this activity. This is Mercedes in her element. Having the time of her life. This is what she loves. I love giving her a chance to imagine, learn, be creative, and explore her universe.

 Idea originally from: playcreateexplore.com

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