Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Colored Water Droplet Art

I am OBSESSED with this project! I mean, it is really, really incredibly AMAZING! I think water is just awesome and beautiful. I discovered this by accident. Mercedes received a tiny water color set from her Great-Grandma for Easter, and I was using a medicine dropper to get each color wet when I discovered that the water from the medicine dropper stayed in droplets. The droplets looked so cool sitting on top of the paint colors that I decided to dye some water with different colors of food coloring and see if the droplets would stay on a piece of parchment paper. It worked great! Wax paper may work even better but I haven't tested it yet.

I gave Mercedes a bunch of colored water and a medicine dropper and she went to work! Seriously, I can't say enough good things about this project. It is just really so incredible!

 I could not resist making a bunch of my own art while Mercedes was working on hers.

Seriously...these tiny droplets are just gorgeous and making art with them is so fun!


  1. This is seriously soooo cool! Thank you for sharing this with me on my FB page! Pinning and sharing! :)

  2. pretty!!! how long does it stay like that? what did u do with it afterwards? how did you clean it up?

  3. It starts to seep through the paper after an hour or two. I've never tried it with wax paper but I'm assuming it would last longer because the paper would be thicker? You could also freeze it which would keep as long as you wanted. =-) The best way to do cleanup is to do the art on a cookie sheet with raised edges, then just dump it all into the sink, rinse, and throw away the paper. After you take lots and lots of pictures of the beautiful artwork, of course!

  4. I agree with you this is pretty awesome, I was wondering if this technique would work on canvas. I am going to be working on a piece and wanted to give it some texture. Also what kind of paint would you recommend I used with this technique?

    1. I would maybe experiment with some water colors, or something that would be transparent. I've never tried it on canvas so I would definitely experiment with a blank canvas before adding it to your piece that you've already started. Have fun!