Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Project Gone Wrong (Fun with Cornstarch)

My number one piece of advice when it comes to doing projects with toddlers is: be flexible. Very, very flexible. My number two piece of advice is: embrace the mess! Mess-less projects are no fun. =-)

Today we attempted to make Ice Cream Dough from Play Create Explore. All it takes to make it is cornstarch and hair conditioner. This stuff looks JUST like ice cream and I knew Mercedes would love it. However, after I got her all excited about it and we started making it I realized I didn't have nearly enough conditioner. We'd already combined the cornstarch with about a third of the conditioner. I thought lotion might be about the same consistancy as conditioner so I tried that, and it ALMOST worked, but it didn't look EXACTLY like ice cream the way ice cream dough was suppose to work. Instead, it ended up like a dry, fluffy play-doh. I told Mercedes we couldn't make ice cream today, but we could make other things instead.

We got out a bunch of play kitchen dishes and Mercedes went to work "cooking" and "baking" all sorts of goodies! Cupcakes...

Cookies and mini cakes...

A loaf of bread...


Once it started to dry out, we added water to make pancake batter.

She also made soup and more milkshakes.

Emerald liked the cornstarch dough, but she LOOOOVED the cornstarch batter!

We REALLY embraced the mess today! Check out Emerald's pants. =-)

When we were finished playing (2 hours later!) I just stuck the girls and all the dishes into the tub, ran a small stream of water out of the faucet and let Mercedes wash all the dishes, which she had a blast doing. The floor cleaned up super easy with a few paper towels. 

I'm so glad I didn't give up on the project when I realized it wasn't going to work out as I'd planned. We all would have missed out on a fun, mess-filled afternoon!

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