Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Emerald's Zoo-Themed 1st Birthday Party

We threw Emerald a zoo-themed birthday party for her 1st birthday. I transformed the living room into a pretend zoo. I used green and brown streamers for jungle vines. 

My mom turned one wall into a giant aquarium.

She also dug out some tropical birds and flowers from her basement (from past parties) to hang on the walls and ceiling.

I hung a few stuffed animals from the ceiling with wire.

My mom also contributed a small tree to sit in the corner of the room.

I pulled out all of the girls' stuffed zoo animals to sit on the couch.

The balloons had tiger stripes.

I found these giant wall stickers at The Dollar Tree

We bought the plates, cups, napkins and table cloth at Party America.

I ordered a bucket of tiny zoo animals on and stuck them on top of each of Emerald's cupcakes. I dyed the vanilla frosting green to look like grass.

We served the cupcakes with ice cream and pink lemonade.

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