Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lesson 14: David the Shepherd Boy

David and fuzzy sheep illustration
Stuffed bear and stuffed lion

Once there was a young boy named David. He had a very important job to do. Every day, David went out into the fields to take care of his father's sheep. It was a big job! (Hold up sheep illustration)

David liked taking care of the sheep. He liked being outside in the fields. He spent a lot of time talking to God. David loved God very much. God loved David, too. David talked to God every day. And he asked God to take care of him and his sheep. 

One day, David saw a lion (hold up stuffed lion).

The lion was trying to catch one of the sheep! David knew the sheep needed help. He prayed that God would help him take care of the sheep. Then David ran right up to the lion and killed it! David said, "thank you God, for helping me kill that big lion!" 

Then one day another big animal came out of the hills. It was a bear! (hold up stuffed bear). David jumped up. He knew that God was taking care of him. He ran to the bear and killed it! David knew his sheep were safe now. He said, "thank you God for taking care of me and my sheep!"

God wants us to talk to Him like David did. We can thank Him for His beautiful world and ask Him to take care of us. David knew that God was taking care of Him. We can know that too!

Craft ideas:
Paper Plate Sheep
David Plays the Harp (Sings to God) Coloring Page
David Watches the Sheep Coloring Page

The words of this story were copied from some preschool Bible flashcards that belong to my mom (copyright by CRC Publications 1988...this is the only info I have on the cards. I'm not sure where they originally came from). I am posting this for Sunday School and homeschooling purposes only and I do not claim myself as the author of these stories.


  1. I love the pic of davidc w sheep, where can i find it?

  2. I love the pic of davidc w sheep, where can i find it?

    1. This illustration came from a book my mom used when we were little and she was teaching Sunday School. Here is the info on it, although I am sorry to say I cannot find it online anywhere: Favorite Bible Stories Activities for Ages 4 & 5 Copyright 1990 Rainbow Books P.O.Box 261129 San Diego, CA 92126 I did find a few other pictures of David with sheep you might want to try: http://stainedglassbutterflies.blogspot.com/2015/01/david-shepherd-boy-coloring-pages.html