Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lesson 15: David and Goliath

Stick people
5 stones
Bible (pg 140-141)

Do you remember David? God helped him kill the lion and the bear to save his sheep. After that, God gave him an even BIGGER job. It was harder and scarier. Do you think God helped David?

Once there was a big, bad giant named Goliath (hold up stick Goliath). 

Goliath didn't love God. But he was so big and strong that he thought he could do anything. Every day Goliath walked to the place where God's people lived. Every day he yelled at them. He said, "SEND SOMEONE OVER HERE TO FIGHT ME. IF I WIN, ALL OF YOU WILL HAVE TO BE MY SLAVES. IF YOU WIN, WE WILL BE YOUR SLAVES. WHO WILL FIGHT ME???

God's people were very afraid of Goliath. Nobody wanted to fight him. Nobody except David (hold up stick David). David was very young and small and not very strong. But he was not afraid. He knew that God was taking care of him. He told the king that he would fight the giant. The king just laughed. He said, "David, you are just a boy. You are too small to fight Goliath. He will kill you!"

But David was not afraid. He said, "Do not worry, king. God will take care of me. God helped me kill the lion and the bear. He will help me fight this giant!" The king was still worried. But he said, "Okay David. You go fight Goliath."

David found 5 stones (show stones). He took out his sling and prayed to God. Then David went out to meet Goliath (hold up stick David and Goliath). Goliath was HUGE and David was so small! When Goliath saw David coming, he laughed. He said, "You are sending a boy to fight me? No boy will ever beat me. I will kill him!" (show picture in Bible)

David was not afraid. He just took one stone and put it in his sling. He swung it and the stone flew through the air. It hit Goliath right between the eyes. Goliath fell to the ground (make stick Goliath fall). God helped David again! David killed Goliath with just one little stone!

God can help us do big things too. We can always trust that He will take care of us.

Craft Ideas:
"The Battle is the Lord's Wall Hanging Craft
David's Stones Craft
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The words of this story were copied from some preschool Bible flashcards that belong to my mom (copyright by CRC Publications 1988...this is the only info I have on the cards. I'm not sure where they originally came from). I am posting this for Sunday School and homeschooling purposes only and I do not claim myself as the author of these stories.

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