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Lesson 5: Joseph

Bible (pg 46-51)
Paper people

Once there was a boy named Joseph (hold up paper Joseph).

Joseph had a big family. Guess how many brothers Joseph had? He had eleven! But out of all his brothers, Joseph's father loved Joseph the most. He even bought Joseph a beautiful new coat (put paper coat on Joseph)

Do you think this made Joseph's brothers happy? No! In fact, it made them really mad! So mad that they decided to get rid of Joseph. They grabbed him and tore off his new coat. (tear coat in half).

Then they threw him in a big well. His brothers were just going to leave him there to die. (show paper well).

 (This well is made from a black piece of cardstock slipped inside a clear page protector and cut in half. Slide paper Joseph in the page protector so the kids can watch him falling into the well.)

 God was taking care of Joseph. Instead of leaving Joseph to die in the well, his brothers decided to sell him to some people who were traveling to another city far, far away (show picture in Bible, page 46-47). The strangers brought Joseph to a rich man's house. (Show illustration)

Joseph worked for the rich man for a long time. He worked very hard and did a good job. Then more trouble came. Someone told a lie about Joseph. When the rich man heard the lie, he got so angry that he threw Joseph in jail! (Show picture in Bible, page 48). But even in the dark, lonely jail, God was taking care of Joseph.

The king of the land had a big problem. Nobody knew how to help him. Even the smartest people couldn't help the King. Then somebody remembered that Joseph was a very good helper. They told the king, and the king said, "yes, Joseph can help me.". And Joseph did! Joseph knew how to help the king because God told him how. The king was so happy that he gave Joseph a very important job (show picture in Bible, pages 50-51). He was in charge of all the food in the whole country! Now everybody knew Joseph. He was almost as important as the king. And it was all because God was taking care of Joseph.

Joseph was a very important man now. He worked hard and saved lots of food. Whenever people needed food they came to Joseph. One day some hungry travelers from far away came to Joseph. They were Joseph's brothers! The same boys who had been so mean to him. But they didn't know he was Joseph. They thought he was the king! They bowed to him and said, "can we please have some food? We're hungry!"

Do you think Joseph gave them food after they were so mean to him? He did! But he didn't tell them who he was. He just told them to come back soon and bring their little brother. The brothers went back home and took their little brother and they all traveled to see Joseph. Joseph was so glad to see his brothers that he couldn't keep the secret anymore. He said, "I am Joseph. Yes, I am the same brother you sold. But don't worry about that. God took care of me! Now go home and get our father so we can all be together! (Show illustration)

Joseph could have stayed mad at his brothers for being so mean to him. But he decided to forgive them and love them instead. That's what God wanted Joseph to do. That's what God wants us to do too. When people are mean to us, God will still take care of us. He wants us to forgive them and love them anyway. Just like Joseph did.

Craft ideas:

The words of this story were copied from some preschool Bible flashcards that belong to my mom (copyright by CRC Publications 1988...this is the only info I have on the cards. I'm not sure where they originally came from). I am posting this for Sunday School and homeschooling purposes only and I do not claim myself as the author of these stories.

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