Monday, August 12, 2013

Lesson 6: Baby Moses

Bible (pg 58-59)
Baby Moses Illustration
River and bull rushes Illustration

Once there was a baby named Moses (show Moses illustration).

 Moses' mommy loved him very much. She also loved God very much. And the bad king who ruled the land decided that he was going to hurt all the baby boys whose parents loved God. Moses' mommy was scared, so she put baby Moses in a basket and let him float down the river to hide from the king. (Put baby in the slit in the basket).

God was taking care of baby Moses. The princess found him and loved him and wanted to find someone to take care of him (show picture in the Bible). She gave the baby back to his mommy and made sure the king didn't hurt him. He was safe because God loved Moses and his mommy.

End with a prayer thanking God for taking care of us.

Craft ideas: 
Handprint Bull Rushes and Baby Moses 
Baby Moses in his Basket Craft 
Baby Moses Craft Printable 
Baby Moses Coloring Pages 

The words of this story were copied from some preschool Bible flashcards that belong to my mom (copyright by CRC Publications 1988...this is the only info I have on the cards. I'm not sure where they originally came from). I am posting this for Sunday School and homeschooling purposes only and I do not claim myself as the author of these stories.


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