Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lesson 9: The Parting of the Red Sea


Bible (pg 66-67)
Parting of the Red Sea Illustration

Do you remember how God saved his people from the bad king? Moses and God's people left Egypt and started walking (show picture in Bible). They walked and walked and walked. They stopped to eat and sleep. Then they walked some more.

Then the people saw a big cloud of dust behind them! They heard horses and men running. Who do you think was chasing them? It was the bad king and his soldiers! The king changed his mind. He decided not to let God's people go. Now he was chasing them!

God's people did not know what to do! Right in front of them was a big sea (show Red Sea illustration...this illustration is sandpaper on the bottom and 2 pieces of cardstock on the top. The cardstock meets in the middle and can fold up and down).

 The sea was too big to swim across. The king and his soldiers were getting closer. God's people were scared! 

Moses prayed to God. God told him what to do. Moses walked up to the sea. He held his hand over the water. God pulled the water back (open Red Sea illustration).

He made two big walls so the people could walk right through! There was a dry path right through the sea!

All of God's people walked right to the other side of the sea. But the king and his soldiers were still coming! Do you think the king caught God's people? No! God threw the walls of water down on all the king's soldiers (close water on the illustration). The water covered them and stopped them from chasing God's people!

Now God's people knew that they were safe. They sang. They danced. They played music. And they said thank you to God. God took very good care of them!

Craft ideas:

The words of this story were copied from some preschool Bible flashcards that belong to my mom (copyright by CRC Publications 1988...this is the only info I have on the cards. I'm not sure where they originally came from). I am posting this for Sunday School and homeschooling purposes only and I do not claim myself as the author of these stories.


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