Saturday, September 7, 2013

Letter of the Week: A

Oh my. We have been having a BLAST during Mercedes' first week of preschool! Here are the activities we did during our letter A themed week!

We wrote the big and little letter A on our dry erase board and practiced making the "a" sound.

Mercedes colored a letter A coloring page.

She practiced tracing the big and little letter A on a worksheet I made for her.

We made big and little letter A flashcards (for future practicing purposes) and practiced making the "a" sound.

We learned how to sign the ASL letter A.

I made a discovery bag for Mercedes using objects that start with the letter A: aluminum foil ball, acorn, ape, magnet letter A, plastic barrel of green apples, play-doh mold letter A, plastic apple, bathtub foam letter A, paper airplane, book about animals, and a squeeze pack of applesauce. Mercedes pulled each object out of the bag one by one and we practiced making the "a" sound as we said what each object was.

Mercedes painted on her art wall. I painted the big and little letter A on the wall.

She wanted to paint the letter A too, so I wrote one with pen and let her trace it with paint.

She asked to wear an apron and learned that apron begins with the letter A.

She took an alphabet bath with floating foam letters.

And we wrote the big and little letter A on the shower wall with shampoo.

We read an animal book and found a page about anteaters.

While playing with her Disney princesses, she learned that Ariel and Aladdin both start with the letter A.

We did an acorn sensory activity.

Mercedes traced the letter A with acorns.

We made green apple scented homemade (gluten free) play-doh.

We wrote the big and little letter A in the play-doh with a toothpick, and used a letter A mold to stamp the letter A into the play-doh.

We did an applesauce sensory activity.

We wrote the big and little letter A in the applesauce.

And did apple stamping on the wall.

We baked apple crumble bars.

Mercedes painted on aluminum foil.

 She used acorns and aluminum foil to make big and little letter A crafts.

And we played the Animal Alphabet Game.

I am thrilled that Mercedes' first week of preschool was so incredible and we are both super pumped for more fun and learning next week!

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