Saturday, September 14, 2013

Letter of the Week: B

We have just completed our second INCREDIBLE week of preschool! This week's theme was the letter B.

 I wrote the big and little letter B on our art wall and we practiced making the "b" sound.
 Mercedes colored a letter B coloring page.

 She practiced tracing the big and little letter B on the worksheet I made for her.

During our daily Bible lesson, we learned that Bible begins with the letter B.

 I wrote the big and little letter B on some flashcards.

 Then we went over the big and little letters A and B with the flashcards. I separated the "mommy letters" from the "baby letters" and had Mercedes match the "mommies" with the "babies" and practice their sounds.

 We learned the ASL sign for the letter B.

 I filled a bag with things that begin with the letter B. Mercedes pulled each item out one by one and we made the "b" sound while naming each item: bowl, bottle, book, brush, boat, balloon, beads, bird, bear, Beast, bread, box, baby, ball, tiny bear, hair bow,  and Belle.

We made a ball/balloon pit out of a swimming pool and 75 balloons.

Mercedes sorted through her blocks.

She found the big and little letter B on her blocks.

Then she built a building with her blocks.

She took a bubble bath with berry bliss scented bubbles and blue balls.

We went outside and she rode her bike.

  Bounced on the trampoline.

And played in her big beach ball sprinkler.

We did a bean sensory activity.

 For a snack we ate beans, bananas, and bunny cookies.

She glued beans to make the little b.

And used beads to make the big B.

We read My "b" Book.

We baked a banana cream pie and wrote a big B on it with bananas.

She painted a blue box.

 We put a blanket inside to make a bed for a baby bear.

 She made a bead bracelet.

And a bead necklace too.

We did a bead sensory activity.

I blew up big and little balloons and wrote the big B on the big balloons and the little b on the little balloons and had Mercedes match the "mommies" and the "babies".

And we made sensory balloons.

It was a great, successful week and we are both excited for the letter C next week!

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