Monday, September 23, 2013

Letter of the Week: C

Another great week of preschool for Mercedes! This week our activities were focused on the letter C.

I wrote the big and little letter C on our awesome new beach dry erase poster and we practiced making the "c" sound.

Mercedes traced the big and little letter C on the worksheet I made for her.

She colored a letter C activity page with crayons.

We learned the ASL sign for C and Mercedes did the best she could to try it out.

I filled a bag with items that begin with the letter C and Mercedes pulled each item out one by one and said what it was, practicing making the "c" sound: cup, camera, deck of cards, cone for ice cream, corn, cookie, cow, cat, "credit card" (which was actually a walmart gift card), car, hair clip, crayon, comb and cupcake,

Mercedes made the big letter C with colorful confetti made with construction paper.

She made the little letter c with coffee beans.

We baked a cake.

We played with cups.

And wrote the letter C with the coffee grounds.

We had a confetti party.

And Mercedes used some leftover confetti to make a colorful confetti collage.

We ate cookies.

We used cornstarch and water to make colorful goop.

And we played with colored bubbles.

So much fun and so much learning! We are having a BLAST with our letter of the week lessons!

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