Friday, September 27, 2013

Letter of the Week: D

This week Mercedes' preschool theme was the letter D.

I wrote the big and little letter D on our dry erase board and we practiced making the "d" sound.

She practiced tracing the big and little letter D on the worksheet I made for her.

She colored a letter D activity page.

I added the big and little letter D to our flashcard collection.

I bought her new alphabet flashcards at The Dollar Tree and we practiced the letters we've learned so far.

We learned the ASL sign for D and Mercedes did her best to try it out.

 I filled a bag with items that begin with the letter D and Mercedes pulled each item out one by one and practiced making the D sound as she named each item: dinosaur, dress, duck, doll, dolphin, dog, dime,  foam letter D, dalmatian, "diamonds". and lego dresser drawers.

We dug in the dirt.

And wrote the letter D in the dirt.

And when we were done Mercedes washed the dishes.

We made Snicker's Dip for dipping apples.

We had a dance party in the dark with our disco ball.

We put together a giant dinosaur floor puzzle.

Mercedes made a big letter D with "diamonds".

And a little letter d with dots.

We played with play-doh.

I gave Mercedes a dog calander.

And we used it to create a giant dog collage on the wall.

We played doctor with baby dolls.

And we played dentist.

Last, we used a plastic dinosaur to paint dinosaur footprints.

And this completes our first month of preschool! We are having a blast and Mercedes is constantly begging me for more projects. I feel so blessed to have a kid who loves to learn, and blessed to have the opportunity to be the one to teach her!

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