Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Cleaning

Okay, Mom confession time: My housework is constantly neglected. Since I became a mom, my babies' needs have always come first, and the housework comes second. If I were to be totally honest, I'd have to say that my girls needs come first and the housework, almost never. This is because my girls are 3 years and 17 months and they both have constant needs. And also because I really hate housework. If I do a load of dishes and the girls can walk across the living room floor without tripping, I feel like I'm having a good cleaning day. I have a laundry folding day about once a can imagine the pile of laundry that accumulates in that amount of time. We call it our "laundry monster". It lives in our basement. I consider "deep cleaning" when I dust and clean the bathroom. I am ashamed to admit how often I do that.

My house has not been properly organized or scrubbed down since we moved in and did the initial scrub down and unpacking 15 months ago.

For about 30 seconds back in March, I had the idea that I should probably do some spring cleaning. Then it occurred to me that with the amount of dirt, mud, sand, bugs and grime that my kids were going to track in during the spring and summer, not to mention all the outdoor painting and shaving cream activities we do that don't actually end up staying outdoors, doing any kind of extra cleaning would be pointless. The best time for me to do some hardcore cleaning is in the fall, when we've had a full spring and summer of outdoor play, and as the weather gets cooler that means we'll spend more and more time cozy and warm indoors with our lessons, games, activities, crafts, dance parties, puzzles, books, movies and baking.

I put together a list of everything that needs to be done to achieve a spotlessly clean, totally organized home and separated it into 16 manageable days worth of cleaning. I am giving myself the end of October and almost the entire month of November to do this (my goal is to have it done before Thanksgiving!). I am the mom of two toddlers. So I am realistically give myself 30 days to do 16 days worth of cleaning. Maybe I'll clean like crazy for 8 days, take a full week off, then clean for another 8 days straight. Or maybe I'll have a cleaning day every other day for the entire month of November. However it ends up working out (according to my girls' needs), by Thanksgiving, my house will be spotless and ready for Christmas decorating!

I have also put the list together in such a way that each day's task can be achieved during nap time. Or during a Disney movie. Or during nap time and a Disney movie. Or it is something that I know the girls will love to help me with, like all the emptying and organizing closets and drawers days. My girls would spend all their time emptying out closets and drawers if I let them. Anyway, I made sure each day's cleaning would not interfere with my time with the girls and they will not feel neglected during my cleaning month.

I also realize I am being incredibly optimistic, and realistically I'll probably only get about 1/3 of the way through this list before Thanksgiving. But I'm going to give it my best shot.

Here's the list!

Day 1: KITCHEN: Organize cabinets/scrub and organize refrigerator (inside and out)
Day 2: KITCHEN: Scrub counters, floor, stove, microwave, table and chairs
Day 3: CLOSETS: Organize front, hall and bedroom closets
Day 4: BATHROOM: Organize cabinets/scrub down
Day 5: LIVING ROOM: Scrub walls and floorboards/dust/vacuum
Day 6: LIVING ROOM: Sort toys/scrub toy totes
Day 7: BEDROOM: Scrub walls and floorboards/dust/vacuum/wash bedding/organize desk and dresser
Day 8: GIRLS' ROOM: Scrub walls and floorboards/dust/vacuum/wash bedding/organize desk and dresser
Day 9: BASEMENT: Organize/finish converting to playroom
Day 10: BASEMENT: Dust/vacuums/clean bathroom
Day 11: LAUNDRY MONSTER: Fold and put away
Day 12: Sort girls' clothes that are too small


Day 13: NICE WEATHER DAY: Clean outside (toys, trash, sticks, cobwebs and dirt on house, sweep porch)
Day 14: BEN'S DAY OFF: Clean windows and blinds
Day 15: BEN'S DAY OFF: Clean ceilings and ceiling fans
Day 16: Steam clean carpet (rent steam cleaner)

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