Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lesson 42: A New Creation

Real Bible (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Do you remember when we learned how to be God's children? Because we've done bad things, we can't be with God. So God's son, Jesus, died for us so we could be with God. What we have to do is believe in Jesus. We have to make Jesus our Lord and Savior. I'm going to tell you what happens after you become God's children.

God says in the Bible, "If anyone is in Christ Jesus He is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" (2 Corinthians 5:17)

That means when we make Jesus our Lord and Savior, God makes us a new person. We look the same on the outside. We have the same face, the same body, the same hair. But He changes us on the inside. Remember how Jesus' blood makes us clean from our sin? When we become God's children, God cleans out our hearts. He takes out all the sin.

As God's children, we need to make sure our hearts stay clean. We need to make sure no dirty sin gets into our lives. We need to obey God always, and follow His rules so we stay clean. God wants His children to stay clean.

(Get out cup and sand)

 When we're born, we're clean (show empty cup).

 Then we lie, steal, be mean, get jealous...(fill up cup with sand. The cup is dirty and full).

When we make Jesus our Lord and Savior, He cleans us out (dump out sand). Then do we still do bad things? Sometimes. We might lie. Or do something mean (fill up cup). But when we get dirty again, our hearts hurt. So we need to tell God we're sorry. We need to ask Him to forgive us so we can be clean again (dump out sand). When we are God's children, we need to stay clean.

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 The words of this story were copied from some preschool Bible flashcards that belong to my mom (copyright by CRC Publications 1988...this is the only info I have on the cards. I'm not sure where they originally came from). I am posting this for Sunday School and homeschooling purposes only and I do not claim myself as the author of these stories.

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