Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Letter of the Week: E

Last week, our theme for preschool was the letter E.

I wrote the big and little letter E on a piece of paper and we practiced making the "e" sound.

Mercedes traced the big and little letter E on a worksheet I made for her.

She colored a letter E activity page.

She practiced the ASL sign for the letter E.

I added the big and little letter E to our flashcard collection.

She made the big letter E with elbow noodles.

We used the colored epsom salt to make the little letter e.

Mercedes loved that activity, so we also wrote her first and last name and she pointed to each e in her name.

And Mercedes filled up egg cartons with epsom salt.

We went to the library and picked out lots of books about things that begin with the letter E. Throughout the week, we learned about the earth, earthquakes, elephants, eagles, earthworms, eels, eyes and ears.

We made a truly incredible earthquake cake. Possibly the best cake I've ever eaten in my life. No joke.

The girls went through my jewelry box, sorted earrings and put the matches in egg cartons.

We were even lucky enough to discover a necklace with the letter E on it...a gift from Emerald's great grandmother I've been saving for later. Mercedes was super excited about it.

I wrote the big and little letter E on Easter eggs and Mercedes matched the baby letters with the mommy letters.

I used egg cartons and Easter eggs to hide Egg Treasures.

And the girls used the leftover colored Epsom salt to do an Epsom salt and water sensory activity in the bathtub.

Five letters have been mastered so far and we are still going strong! Mercedes is loving these activities and is constantly begging for more, and she's really learning to recognize each letter, both upper and lower case, as well as remembering their sounds. I'm so thrilled that we are off to such a great start for Mercedes' first year of homeschool preschool!

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