Saturday, November 16, 2013

Letter of the Week: I

Here's what we did for Mercedes' letter I themed preschool week.

Mercedes traced the big and little letter I on a worksheet I made for her.

She colored a letter I activity page.

She practiced signing the letter I using ASL.

We added the big and little letter I to our flashcard collection and practiced making both of the "I" sounds.

I filled a bag with items that begin with the letter I. Ice cream scoop, ice cream, insect, a block with an iron on it, a Barbie ice cube tray, iguana, a pen with ink in it, and a foam I. Mercedes took each item out one by one and practiced making the I sound.

We made homemade icing using the recipe on the back of the powdered sugar bag.

And iced some cupcakes.

We went to the library and found some books about insects.

We made homemade ink by simply watering down some paint, and cut the tip of a straw diagonally so it was sort of like a quill pen. Mercedes used the ink to draw an amazing big letter I.

She used insect stickers to make a little letter i.

She made an insect collage with the rest of her insect stickers.

We made and played with ice cube treasures.

We made ice cream doh and played ice cream shop with it.

We made and played with colored ice cubes.

Mercedes watched a video on Youtube about how to build an igloo. Then we built our own sugar cube "igloos".

And we used Mercedes' insect paint stamps to make pretty insect art.

Another successful letter of the week!

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