Friday, November 15, 2013

Sugar Cube "Igloos"

Mercedes loves building towers, castles, houses, and zoos with wooden blocks, so when we got to the letter I in our preschool lessons, I knew she'd love learning about igloos, houses built with blocks of snow! I had her watch some videos on Youtube of igloos being built. Then I gave her some sugar cubes so she could make an igloo of her own. Sugar cubes make great pretend blocks of snow because they don't fall apart easily and they are even glittery and sparkly like snow. I didn't tell the girls what these "pretend blocks of snow" were called, so neither of them even thought to try to taste them.

Mercedes asked for a penguin to live in her pretend snow house. He looked so cute and cozy in there, she decided he needed lots and lots of friends.

And this is what our kitchen floor looked like when the girls decided they were all done building.

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