Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Letter of the Week: J

I am a few weeks behind on my blogging, but we have been keeping up with our letter of the week lessons. Here's what we did a few weeks ago for the letter J.

Mercedes traced the big and little letter J on the worksheet I made for her.

She colored a letter J coloring sheet.

Mercedes practiced how to sign the letter J using ASL.

We added the big and little letter J to our flash card collection.

I filled a busy bag with items that begin with the letter J. Jewels, jelly beans, jaguar, wooden J, jam, jello, and jump rope. Mercedes pulled each item out one by one and practiced making the "j" sound while telling me what each item was.

She put together a Jayhawk puzzle.

Mercedes made a big letter J with jellybeans.

And a little letter j with jewels.

She tried out her first jump rope.

And watched a documentary on Youtube about jellyfish.

We made pancakes with jam on top.

She made a beautiful collage with jewels.

And Mercedes used her flashcards to match the mommy letters with the baby letters and practice their sounds.

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