Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Letter of the Week: L

Here's what we did for Mercedes' letter L themed preschool week.

I wrote the big and little letter L on a piece of paper and we practiced making the "L" sound.

Mercedes traced the big and little letter L on a worksheet I made for her.

She colored a letter L coloring page.

And practiced signing the letter L using ASL.

I filled a busy bag with items that start with the letter L: lime juice, lion, lace, leaf, lizard, ladybug sticker, play-doh mold of the letter L, magnet lamb, and lightbulb. Mercedes took out each item one at a time and practiced making the "L" sound as she said what each item was.

We added the big and little letter L to our flashcard collection.

She made a big letter L with lace.

She loved the lace so much she asked me if she could make a lace collage next. I cut all different size pieces for her collage and to my surprise she made a perfect big letter L all by herself. I think she was trying to make a little letter l next to it but got a little confused.

 Mercedes wore the leftover lace in her hair.

She made a little letter l with ladybug stickers.

We ate some lollipops.

We collected leaves.

And made a leaf collage using clear contact paper.

We watched The Lorax.

And had a laundry day. Which Mercedes actually loves to do. She's such a great helper!

We went to the library and found books about lions, lizards and llamas.

This one was the girls' favorite. I read it at least 20 times a day (complete with all the actions) the entire time it was at our house. They asked for it for a long time after we took it back to the library.

And we learned some lullabies.

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