Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Letter of the Week: Letter K

Here's what we did for Mercedes' letter K themed week.

I wrote the big and little letter K on a piece of paper and we practiced making the "K" sound.

Mercedes traced the big and little letter K on the worksheet I made for her.

She colored a letter K coloring page.

And practiced signing the letter K using ASL.

 We added the big and little letter K to our flashcard collection.

I filled a busy bag with items that begin with the letter K: Foam K, Kool-aid, ketchup, keys, kangaroo, wooden k, Hershey's kiss, and a kalidascope. Mercedes pulled each item out one by one and practiced making the "k" sound as she said what each item was.

She played with the new kalidascope I bought for her at the dollar store.

She made the big letter K with messy lipstick kisses.

She made the little letter k with Hershey's Kisses.

We played pet shop and rescued lots of kittens.

We made homemade play-doh and colored and scented it with Kool-aid.

We made key imprints on the play-doh.

And letter K imprints in the play-doh.

And key chain imprints in the play-doh.

We made Kool-aid.

And froze some of it to make Kool-aid slushies.

And we made Kool-aid popsicles.

We tried to make homemade Kool-aid taffy  and failed miserably. I figured out afterwards that my candy thermometer was broken so it cooked at the wrong temperature. It still tasted delicious. We snacked on it for a while and then threw it away. Bummer!

And the girls painted with Kool-aid paint.

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