Thursday, December 12, 2013

Letter of the Week: Letter M

Here's what we did for Mercedes' letter M themed week.

I wrote the big and little letter M on a piece of paper and we practiced making the "M" sound.

I wrote Mercedes' first and middle name on a piece of paper and she found the M's in her name.

She colored a letter M coloring page.

She traced the big and little letter M on a worksheet I made for her. I totally forgot to take a picture of her working on it. Oops!

I filled a busy bag with items that begin with the letter M: marker, pretend rolled up "map", makeup, monkey, marble, Minnie Mouse, marshmallow, money, and a man. Mercedes pulled out each item one at a time and practiced making the "M" sound as she said what each item was.

She practiced signing the letter M using ASL.

We played "mailman" which means Emerald and I found little toys to stick in the mailbox of the girls' little play house and Mercedes checked the "mail" every 30 seconds.

Mercedes made the big letter M out of marshmallows.

And the little letter m with marbles. We hot glued these to a piece of cardboard and nailed the cardboard to our letter wall. They stuck just fine even though they're super heavy.

After that we played with the rest of our marbles.

While Mercedes was redecorating our Christmas tree for the 763rd time this year, she found a moose ornament and recognized that moose begins with the letter M.

We colored with markers.

And I bought the girls some play makeup at the dollar store. I also dug out of my closet a special makeup mirror for Mercedes to use while she was putting on her makeup.

Mercedes made a sticker page with Mickey Mouse stickers from the dollar store.

We made googly eye monsters.

We made monster, monkey and mouse masks.

And we played the marble counting game.

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