Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Elf on the Shelf Ideas (2013)

I've been wanting to get an elf on the shelf since the first Christmas after Mercedes was born. The idea is just so much fun! We finally invested in one this Christmas and I had as much fun as the girls did with him. We named him Kevin. Every night before bed Mercedes would pray to God that she would be able to find Kevin the next morning, and when she woke up the first thing she'd do is find out what Kevin had been up to while she was sleeping. Here's what Kevin did this year!

He took the decorations off the tree...this was the first night we had our Christmas decorations out.

Made paper snowflakes to hang on our window.

Read all the stories on the shelf.

Had a Christmas party with his new friends.

Teepeed the Christmas tree.

Had a slumber party with his Christmas friends.

Drank syrup with a straw.

Took a marshmallow bath with some Christmas duckies.

Took Barbie for a drive.

Finished the last of the marshmallows.

Made snow angels out of sugar.

Zip-lined across the living room.

Made a couch cushion fort.

Made a Christmas themed water table.

The girls were thrilled!

Had story time with his animal friends.

Wrote the girls a note on the computer.

Hid in the mailbox.

Carried the slide up from the basement...all by himself!


Played Tarzan.

Tried to stow away the morning we had to go to the hospital for Emerald's oral surgery.

Tried to climb up the Christmas tree.

Wore Emerald's snow boots.

Tried to get Mercedes' presents out of her stocking on Christmas morning.

Wrote the girls a Merry Christmas note on Christmas night. The girls used up almost all of their brand new glitter glue tubes all in one day so he had to use two different colors.

Put together the girls' amazing dinosaur floor puzzle.

Finished off the last of the sparkling grape juice.

Got into the presents that Grandpa brought from Minnesota.

And colored on the windows with the girls' new window markers.

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