Thursday, January 16, 2014

Letter of the Week: P

Here's what we did for Mercedes' letter P themed preschool week.

We wrote the big and little letter P on her hand (because she's into body art these days) and practiced making the "P" sound.

Mercedes practiced signing the letter P using ASL.

She traced the letter P on a worksheet I made for her.

And colored a letter P coloring page.

I decided to put together a giant busy bag this week because there were so many large letter P items I wanted to use. A pumpkin, pig, puppy, princess puzzle, peanuts, peanut butter, pineapples, popcorn and peaches.

She ate chocolate peanut butter right from the jar.

She watched puppy videos on Youtube.

She made a big P out of puzzle pieces.

And a little p out of pom poms.

We made homemade pizza.

And chocolate pancakes. Mercedes is sprinkling powdered sugar all over hers.

The girls dressed up as princesses and danced at the "ball".

We painted with bath poofs.

We had a pizza picnic with our leftover homemade pizza.

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