Saturday, February 8, 2014

Letter of the Week: R

Here's what we did for Mercedes' letter R themed preschool week.

I wrote the big and little letter R on a piece of red paper and she practiced making the "r" sound.

I wrote my name on a piece of red paper and had Mercedes point out the R in it.

We added the big and little letter R to our flashcard collection.

Mercedes sorted through a busy bag full of items that begin with the letter R and practiced making the "r" sound as she said what each item was. A red letter R block, letter R play-doh mold, rhinoceros, dinner roll, rectangle, ram, rooster, rock, rabbit and red felt. 

We played with frogs and made them go, "ribbit, ribbit".

We took a trip to the library to read some books.

We looked through an illustrated encyclopedia about reptiles.

And read a book about rabbits.

We made a rainbow out of torn construction paper.

Mercedes made a big letter R with rainbow rice.

And a little letter r with rubber bands.

She traced the big and little letter R on a red worksheet I made for her.

She learned how to sign the letter R using ASL.

And colored a letter R coloring sheet.

The girls washed some rocks from our driveway.

And painted them.

And we did a rock sensory activity.

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