Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Letter of the Week: U

We went through our letter U activities all in one day because I wanted our letter activities to fall on Valentine's Day later this week.

The letter U was the first letter that stumped me when it came to choosing two sensory materials to use to make the letters. Instead, we did a "U is for umbrella" craft to represent the big letter U.

And a "u is for underwater" craft to represent the little letter u.

Mercedes practiced unzipping her jacket.

And she learned that up starts with the letter U.

I asked the girls to arrange all of their stuffed animals on the couch right side up.

And then we flipped them upside down!

Mercedes learned how to sign the letter U using ASL.

Then she got "trapped" underneath her stuffed animal box.

I surprised the girls by setting up a picnic lunch underneath the table.

We read a book about a unicorn.

And Mercedes discovered that her unicorn pillow pet also begins with the letter U.

We didn't make it to the library this week like I'd planned, so instead I had Mercedes watch some videos on Youtube. She learned about umbrella birds, how to ride a unicycle, read a video story version of The Ugly Duckling, and watched a song video about a unicorn. 

We packed a lot into today. The letter U is not the easiest letter to come up with activities for so it's nice that we pulled it off and now we are getting ready and excited for our Valentines' Day/Letter V weekend!

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