Thursday, February 27, 2014

V is for Valentine's Day!

I took advantage of the fact the Mercedes' letter V week fell over Valentine's Day weekend. I incorporated our letter V lessons into the normal Valentine's Day activities I'd already planned.

We made Valentines for Gramma, Great-Grandma, Uncle David and Uncle Lopez.

Great-Grandma came to visit the day before Valentine's Day and brought lots of presents.

On Valentine's Day morning, I made Valentine's Day pancakes. I used a chocolate pancake recipe (substituting wheat flour with all purpose gluten free flour, and substituting the sugar with honey) and after I fried them like normal I cut them into heart shapes with a cookie cutter.

We made the big and little letter V with Valentine stickers.

For lunch, we had cheese cut into hearts with a cookie cutter, strawberries and a piece of heart shaped dove chocolate.

The girls decorated the dining room with Valentine window clings from Great Grandma.

They watched Valentine's Day themed songs on youtube.

I picked out a few lovey dovey stories to read to them.

Gramma bought them some scratch art Valentine cards to color. Mercedes adored them. Throughout the day she colored...or scratched...every single one of them.

For second lunch (we eat lunch at 10:30 and again at's what happens when your girls wake up and eat breakfast at 5 am) I made omelets and cut them into heart shapes with a cookie cutter. Yep. I actually did this.

During nap time I received a flower delivery from my husband. After a morning of constant activities and trying to make the day special for the girls, it was nice to get my own little surprise.

Then we enjoyed our tea party! We feasted on homemade hot chocolate, homemade Ghirardelli fudge (I left out the nuts), and WOW (gluten free) chocolate chip and lemon cookies. I try to be as healthy as possible whenever I feed my girls junk food. It was all incredibly delicious and as always, it was a very pleasant and successful tea party.

Then we set the table for our Valentine's Day dinner date with Daddy.

As a rule, our family doesn't go out to eat (for health and financial reasons) but every once in a great while, maybe once every 3 months or so, we'll splurge on a Chinese food meal. Ben stopped at our favorite place on the way home from work and picked some up so we could have a fun family date meal.

The moon was incredible on Valentine's Day evening. The girls and I enjoyed just watching it for a while so I had to snap a picture to include in our Valentine's Day activities blog.

Our day was packed with fun and festivities and love and it ended up being a pretty awesome day. I'm so happy to be able to give my girls fun childhood traditions and memories they can look back on and maybe incorporate into their own families' traditions someday. I love holidays, and any chance to make life a little extra special for my girls.

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