Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Letter of the Week: W

Here's what we did for Mercedes' letter W week:

I wrote the big and little letter W in Mercedes' notebook and we practiced making the "w" sound.

We played restaurant and Mercedes was the waitress.

I filled a busy bag with items that begin with the letter W. A water bottle, wand, watermelon, hand weight, watches, whale and walrus.

We used a water bottle to make a glitter bottle. We used sequins, glitter and gems and filled the bottle with water. 

Mercedes practiced writing the letter W in her notebook. 

She learned how to sign the letter W using ASL.

She colored a letter W coloring page.

She made the little letter w using words. I used words from a couple of smashed board game boxes I was going to throw away anyway. Words from a newspaper or a magazine would have worked too.

We made a big letter W using wax paper.

I made the girls an indoor water table.

Mercedes made a necklace out of wooden beads.

She watched a video on youtube about worms. Which led her to a video about dissecting worms. Which led her to more videos of other things getting dissected. Starfish, frogs, sheep hearts, etc. I never discourage or limit Mercedes when she wants to learn about something. She wants to be a doctor and found these videos absolutely thrilling.

Mercedes made towers with wooden blocks.

And the girls cuddled up together by the wood stove.

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