Thursday, April 17, 2014

Color of the Week: Brown

For Mercedes' color brown week, we made chocolate pancakes. We used cookie cutters to create different shapes to incorporate shape practice in with our color lesson.

The girls played "animal shelter" and we "rescued" all the brown stuffed animals in the house.

We ate chocolate pudding. 

We looked in Mercedes' color book to find out how to make the color brown.

We painted with brown paint.

Mercedes played in the mud.

And we added brown shapes to our shape collection.

Color of the Week: Blue

For Mercedes' blue week, the girls took a blue bath.

We painted their toenails blue.

We painted with blue paint.

We played with blue water beads.

We made blue collages on blue paper.

And we added blue shapes to our shape collection.

Color of the Week: Yellow

For Mercedes' color yellow week, we found all the yellow food in her play kitchen set.

Ate a yellow lunch.

Made yellow homemade play-doh.

Added yellow shapes to our shape collection.

Made a yellow Y.

Painted with yellow paint.

And played in a yellow sensory bin.

Color of the Week: White

For Mercedes' color white week, we made white collages.

Ate vanilla ice cream.

Added white shapes to our shape collection.

Painted with white paint.

And played in white bubbles.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Color of the Week: Orange

Since both girls already knew the color orange, we crammed this color into one day. The girls took an orange bath.

We made orange homemade play-doh.

And we ate oranges and carrots for a snack.

Color of the Week: Green/Saint Patrick's Day

I made sure our color green week fell over Saint Patrick's Day. On Saint Patrick's Day, my husband volunteered to watch Emerald so Mercedes and I could go on a mommy daughter date to the parade.

I painted Mercedes' fingernails green.

I also bought her a green spirit bead necklace with a shamrock attached...she picked it out.

Later in the week we played with green water beads

The girls love to watch them grow!

We also made Saint Patrick's Day themed rainbow rice.

We made green play-doh by always.

And we used green paper to practice our shapes.

Color of the Week: Red

We aren't doing anything fancy for Mercedes' color of the week lessons. Just incorporating whatever color we're working on with our normal activities and play time. She already knew her colors pretty well before we started so this has mostly been for fun and for review.

For red week, we used red paper to practice shapes.

The girls took a red bath.

We painted with red paint.

Mercedes used her red shapes to make a collage.

And we found all the red food in the girls' play kitchen stuff.