Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Letter of the Week: Z

We made it through the entire alphabet doing letters of the week! I am happy to say Mercedes knows all of of her letters and their sounds. I think she still has a little work to do on her lower case letters...but we have plenty of time for review this summer before she starts phonics in the fall. Here's what we did for her last letter of the week...the letter Z

She practiced tracing the big and little letter Z on a worksheet I made for her. She wasn't feeling well this day so she requested to do preschool in bed...while snuggling with her zebra.

She colored a letter Z coloring page.

We made a zebra stripe upper case Z.

And a zig zag lower case z

Mercedes learned to sign the letter Z using ASL.

And to celebrate that we made it through the entire alphabet, I took the girls on a road trip to the Omaha Zoo! I reminded Mercedes that zebra starts with Z. And we had a picnic snack next to the zebra exhibit.

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