Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Color Review Activities

We have just finished 10 weeks of Color of the Week Lessons. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, black, white and brown. We incorporated one color each week into our normal activities and projects to make sure Mercedes could name them all accurately 100% of the time. In addition to emphasising each color in our activities and projects, we practiced all our colors with several review activities and games.

Mercedes loves to play Candy Land, and it is the perfect color review game for purple, yellow, blue, orange, green and red.

We basically used this as a matching game. Each card Mercedes chose I quizzed her on it's shape and color. This game belonged to my mom from me and my siblings' homeschool days.

We read color books. More accurately, Mercedes "read" me the color books by naming the colors on each page.

We did color puzzles and practiced naming the colors as we put them together.

We practiced naming all the colors on the color poster hanging up in the girls' play room.

And we worked through color activity books and coloring books.

We practice colors during regular activities too. Like when we color in coloring books, I'll ask Mercedes what color crayon she's using. Or ask her what color her shirt is when she gets herself dressed. We will play "I spy" while we eat our meals: "I spy something red, I spy something green", etc. These past few weeks Mercedes has really improved her color recognition skills. She can give me the correct answer when I quiz her on all the 10 basic colors we've covered, and Emerald is starting to pick up on them too! Our color lessons have been a success!

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