Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Numbers (Recognition and Counting) Review Activities

I have spent the past couple of months really focusing on teaching Mercedes to recognize numbers 0-10 and count to 20. Here are some activities we have been using to practice.

Playing The Counting Rocks Game

Reading numbers books.

Working in numbers activity books.

Reviewing with flashcards.

Practicing writing numbers.

Playing Numbers Lotto.

Playing the Easter Egg Number Practice game.

Playing the Puzzle Piece Number Recognition Game.

Dialing numbers on the toy phone.

Doing our number of the day crafts.

Practicing counting 1-20.

Mercedes has been much slower learning numbers than she has been at letters and their sounds (she's like her Mommy...loves reading, foreign languages, photography, music and art but slightly allergic to math and numbers) so we will keep using these games and activities to practice throughout the summer and into the fall until she is confident and knows them well.

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