Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sign Language (ASL and Baby Sign)

Both my girls LOVE sign language. They always have, ever since they were tiny babies. I've rented a few videos for them in the past, and they've always enjoyed watching baby sign videos on youtube . This summer, I've really stepped it up and been intentional about making sure there are always sign videos in the house. We rent new ones from the library every week. The girls adore them. They beg to watch them. I love it! They use sign language in addition to their verbal language on a daily basis. When Mercedes doesn't know the sign for something, she'll ask me what it is and we'll look it up on the Internet. As long as it's something they enjoy doing, I am happy to provide them with resources to learn it. Sign language is something that has always interested me so I'm thrilled that it's something my girls love to learn!

Their favorite videos are called Signing Time by Two Little Hands Productions. It teaches American Sign Language using songs and acting with different themes on each video.

Two Little Hands Productions also makes baby sign videos called Baby Signing Time. Baby Sign is a slightly simpler version of American Sign Language which allows smaller toddlers to be able to use it with limited motor skills. It is not a complete language like ASL, it is just a handful of words that babies can use to learn to communicate with their hands. The girls watched these and My Baby Can Talk videos by Baby Hands Productions when they were a little younger. is a great resource for looking up common signs, especially for toddlers. It has a video dictionary which not only shows the sign but gives simple ways to remember it.


  1. I love signing time. My boy was nonverbal so, ASL created a communication bridge. Now both of my boys (3 & 1) sign. Taught my nephew as well, the videos make learning fun for the kids & I like that.

    Ila from

    1. Thanks for sharing your story :) ASL is such an amazing tool for little ones! I'm glad it has helped you and your boys. I just checked out your blog and it is amazing! I'm so glad you left a comment here so I could discover it. :) Thanks for visiting my blog!