Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Father's World Kindergarten Curriculum

I am sooo excited to homeschool Mercedes this fall. She has been doing preschool projects and activities since she was 19 months old. When she turned 3, I started more structured learning with letter of the week lessons, colors, shapes, and numbers of the day as well as counting lessons. I originally came up with a flexible lesson plan for this fall (she turns 4 on July 31). I have been creating my own curriculum and using library books and internet material because our budget has been so limited. I am beyond blessed to have stumbled across a full time babysitting opportunity which will add to our budget significantly, which means I get to order Mercedes an actual curriculum for this fall! I am thrilled about this because she deserves the absolute best learning opportunities available.

I searched extensively through all the Christian home school curriculum I could find, and finally settled on My Father's World. There are a few things I love about this. First, I am beyond excited for all of the fun activities this curriculum has, including an ant farm and butterfly garden. The daily lessons are very hands on and will definitely keep Mercedes interested. Since Emerald also loves to learn and I am not doing structured preschool with her yet, I love that this curriculum makes a point to include younger siblings in the lesson. They continue to do this all the way though elementary school so if we end up using this curriculum long term, the girls will get to continue to learn together which I think is wonderful. The best thing about this curriculum in my opinion is that it is completely God centered and all the lessons focus on Him. Amazing. I am so thrilled to try it!

I was planning on ordering Mercedes the 3-5 year old preschool package, but as I read through it I realized that the lessons are basically everything we have already covered this year. Intro to the alphabet, numbers 1-10, color sorting, etc. and I absolutely do NOT want her to get bored of learning. She challenges herself daily so while I don't want to push her into something she's not ready for, I DO want learning to be somewhat challenging and interesting for her. So I have decided to order Mercedes the deluxe kindergarten package, even though she will have just turned 4 right before the start of the school year. If she struggles through it, we will skip through the stuff she is not ready for and come back to it next year. If she flies through it which I anticipate she will, we will be able to start 1st grade next year and she will just be a year ahead in school, which is the beauty of homeschooling. Kids get to learn at their own pace! Emerald will get to participate in some of Mercedes' kindergarten lessons this year and next year, when she turns 3, I will order her the 3-5 year old program which I know she will be more than ready for by then. This is our first year of structured homeschool and I am SO excited to get started! Even though I am using a curriculum instead of making up my own, I'm sure we will have plenty of activities to blog about during the next few months and I'm excited to share our learning experiences with you!

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