Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MFW Introduction Week: 7 Days of Creation

A couple of weeks ago, we received our My Father's World Kindergarten Curriculum in the mail for Mercedes! I am thrilled with our first 10 days of homeschooling. The curriculum is excellent. Lots of hands on activities and ideas that keep Mercedes interested and keep fueling her desire to learn. Each day is well planned in detail in the teacher's book so it's easy to do each day with little to no prep time. We have been doing school one on one during Emerald's nap time every day. It takes us about an hour. Mercedes begs for more once we finish for the day.

In addition to reviewing letters and numbers, beginning to teach counting by 10's and counting to 100, learning Bible songs and verses and introducing the calender, the theme of the first week of MFW for kindergarten is the 7 days of creation.

We implemented several hands on activities into this unit to go along with her book work. Some ideas we got from the MFW teacher's book and some we came up with on our own.

On Day 3 when we learned that God created dry land and plants, we planted some sunflower seeds.

Emerald planted some seeds too but they are mystery seeds that my Grandma gave us. We are curious to find out what kind of plant we are growing.

We water them daily, keep them out in the sun during the day and bring them in at night. The girls love caring for their tiny plants. It's a fun project for them! We often talk about how God designed plants to grow with water, soil and the sun. It's pretty magical. :)

We cut open a peach and studied the design of it, and the pit. Which led us to a discussion of where fruit seeds come from and what happens when you plant one. Again, leading us to a discussion about how awesome God is and how delicious his food is.

Mercedes went outside and I had her carefully study some of the things God made and how intricate his designs are. Leaves, tree bark, flowers, etc.

On Day 5 when we learned that God made birds and fish, we went to the pet store and studied some. We admired their beautiful markings and talked about what an amazing and creative artist God is.

On Day 6 when we learned that God made animals, we held and studied our guinea pig and thanked God for tiny little animal friends that bring us so much joy.

At the end of our creation week, we visited the Prairie Park Nature Center. Mercedes loves to take pictures, so I had her use my camera to take pictures of everything she could find that God made. She did a great job!

Homeschooling is starting off incredibly successful and fun! We are excited to start our second unit tomorrow. I will be blogging my way through our homeschooling activities and adventures. It's going to be an exciting year!

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