Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Splatter Painting

The other day my girls were playing outside and asked for some paint. Since they were already wet from the pool and dirty from making mud pies, I decided to make their painting project a little extra messy. This is the perfect project to do outside. In fact, I would recommend doing it outside unless you don't mind paint splattered all over your carpet, walls and furniture. 

I mixed each color of paint with water. About 1 part paint and 2 parts water. Enough water to "splatter" easily, but not so watered down that the colors start to dull. It's not an exact science. 

I spread some paper out on the side walk and let the girls splatter away! The idea is to not let the paintbrush touch the paper. The girls just waved and flicked them around to get the drip, drizzle, splatter effect.

These turned out beautiful. They are definitely my favorite artwork the girls have hanging in the house right now. We will be doing this again soon, on another nice day.

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