Friday, September 26, 2014

MFW Unit 4: Apples

Mercedes' theme for My Father's World Kindergarten last week was apples. The Bible lesson was "If I stay in Jesus I will have much fruit" and the fruits of the Spirit. On the first day of this unit, we went to the apple orchard to pick apples.

When we got home, Mercedes sorted the apples by color with a giant apple graph. We counted the apples and wrote the numbers on each colored piece of paper.

Throughout the week we made apple cider smoothies.

Apple crumble bars (I use this peach crumble bar recipe and substitute the peaches for apples).

I made a little apple family with a daddy, mommy and baby.

We had to make OUR family then by adding another bigger baby (for Emerald and Mercedes) and adding a Grandpa Bruce.

We cut apples both horizontally and vertically and did apple stamping.

We cut a thin piece in the middle of an apple and hung it to dry for a Christmas ornament. 

The letter of the week was A so Mercedes practiced drawing upper and lowercase A's in applesauce.

And we made an apple tree with all the fruits of the Spirit and discussed what each one means and how we can show our fruit to others in our every day life.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

MFW Unit 3: Leaves

Mercedes' Bible theme of the week for My Father's World Kindergarten was "I will live and grow in Jesus." The science theme was leaves. So the first activity we did was go on a leaf hunt. The girls were so excited about collecting leaves you would have thought it was a treasure hunt. Whenever they found a tree with unique leaves they freaked out. We walked all over the neighborhood and down the road, and to a park near our house.

They collected a big pile of leaves.

And the leaf activities began.

We did leaf rubbings with crayons.

Leaf tracing and coloring.

We made an upper case and lower case L with leaves since L was the letter theme of the week. 

We did leaf stamping by painting leaves and pressing them on a piece of paper.

And we pressed and dried some leaves to keep forever.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Water and Seashell Sensory Bin

This is a simple sensory bin I threw together with sea shells, bath toys, giant flat marbles, tiny cups and measuring cups and about 2 inches of water. I figured the girls would be entertained with this for maybe 20-30 minutes but no, they enjoyed this activity off and on the entire day, and we kept it in the kitchen for about 2 weeks because they were constantly begging to play with it. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

MFW Unit 2: The Moon

The theme of the second unit of Mercedes' MFW Kindergarten Curriculum was the moon. For Bible, she learned that we are a reflection of Jesus' light just like the light of the moon is a reflection of the sun's light. In addition to letter, number, handwriting, drawing, coloring and cutting activities plus music and dancing time, we did a few moon themed activities.

We made a moon cake.

We learned about gravity by reading library books and watching youtube videos, then experimented to see if they were telling the truth by letting Mercedes jump off of a chair onto the floor. Over and over and over again. Funny, she landed on the floor every single time. Never floated in the air, not even once! Huh.

We used a 2" diameter ball of play doh to represent the earth and a 1/2" diameter ball of play doh to represent the moon. We placed the two balls 5' apart to show their relative size and relative distance from each other. 

We made rocket ships out of bananas and pineapple rings.

We went to the library and found lots of books about the moon, rocket ships and space exploration. We did some research online to figure out what kinds of things astronauts bring into space and what it's like inside a space ship. Then we made a "space ship" under the kitchen table and played make believe like we were astronauts taking a trip to the moon.

Since the Bible theme was about being a reflection of Jesus' light, Mercedes chose to shine Jesus' love on her gramma by baking her cupcakes, designing a card and delivering it right to her doorstep.

The letter theme was M, so we made upper and lower case Ms with marbles.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Potty Training Sticker Chart

One day about a month ago, Emerald decided she was done with diapers. After two days of transitioning to underwear with a few accidents on the way to the potty, she stayed completely dry. Day and night. She started asking to wear underwear while she was sleeping which I was incredibly nervous about. So I made her a nap time and bed time sticker chart and told her once she filled her chart up she could wear underwear to bed. Every time she woke up dry she could put a sticker on her chart. If she woke up with a wet diaper, she would have to take all the stickers off her chart and start over (so I knew she could stay accident free overnight for a full month straight). 

This kid never looked back. She never wet her diaper in her sleep so we never had to start over with the stickers. If she had to go potty in the middle of the night she'd wake up and ask for help. It was quite impressive. 

When her chart was completely filled up, we made cupcakes to celebrate. And she LOVES wearing underwear to bed!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Moon Cake

Mercedes' science theme for week 2 of MFW Kindergarten was the moon. One of the activities we did for this lesson was make a "moon cake". I got this recipe from MFW Kindergarten teacher's guide.

We started out by mixing up some "moon sand". 1 1/2 cups flour, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup sugar and 1 tsp salt.

We made 3 "craters" in the moon sand. A big, medium and little one.

Mercedes poured 5 tablespoons of olive oil into the large crater.

She added 1 teaspoon of vanilla to the small crater.

And 1 teaspoon of baking soda into the medium crater.

Then she made a "volcano" by pouring 1 tablespoon of vinegar into the baking soda crater. 

She added a cup of milk and mixed it all together to form the moon's surface.

She sprinkled on some "moon rocks" (1/2 cup of raisins). We poured the batter into a greased 8" round cake pan and baked it at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.

Once the moon was baked, we sprinkled it with "moon dust" (powdered sugar).

We made a "full moon".

A "half moon".

And a "crescent moon".

And we called the completely eaten cake a "new moon".

Mercedes had a blast making this cake, and honestly it was incredibly delicious as well. I think we will make this occasionally just for fun!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

MFW Unit 1: The Sun

Since Mercedes started kindergarten, we have been daily reviewing her letters and their sounds with these incredible flashcards by My Father's World. 

The MFW packet also came with these upper and lower case letter cards which are more difficult than the flash cards because 1) There are no pictures to use as cues and 2) The upper and lower case letters are separated from each other so the child has to learn both upper and lower case separately. This week, Mercedes correctly named every single upper and lower case letter when I quizzed her using these cards. We celebrated with a treat of her choice. She chose a family date to Dairy Queen.

The letter theme of the week was S. In addition to worksheets about the letter S sound and handwriting sheets teaching the correct way to write the letter S, Mercedes practiced writing the letter S using salt.

The science theme of the week was the sun. The Bible theme of the week was "Jesus is the light of the world". In addition to letters, numbers, handwriting and phonics, we did lots of science experiments and activities about the sun.

We borrowed some books about the sun from the library.

Mercedes painted a sun.

We made a simple sundial, checking it once an hour all day long and writing the time on the pencil's shadow. We discussed why shadows exists and how people used sundials to tell time before clocks were invented.

We also searched the yard for shadows and I traced Mercedes' shadow with sidewalk chalk.

We learned how the sun turned grapes into raisins. I bought the girls some raisins to eat for a snack and we are working on making our own raisins. It's suppose to take at least two weeks so we are waiting for our grapes to dry up still.

We made sun tea.

And the girls ate a sun and clouds for lunch made from half a peach, carrot sticks and cottage cheese.

We are loving our school year so far. Mercedes and I both look forward to kindergarten time and Emerald loves helping with the science experiments and projects. We are having such a great time and Mercedes is already learning so much in the short time since we've started. Each day is unique and exciting and fun. We couldn't be happier with the MFW curriculum!