Wednesday, September 3, 2014

MFW Unit 1: The Sun

Since Mercedes started kindergarten, we have been daily reviewing her letters and their sounds with these incredible flashcards by My Father's World. 

The MFW packet also came with these upper and lower case letter cards which are more difficult than the flash cards because 1) There are no pictures to use as cues and 2) The upper and lower case letters are separated from each other so the child has to learn both upper and lower case separately. This week, Mercedes correctly named every single upper and lower case letter when I quizzed her using these cards. We celebrated with a treat of her choice. She chose a family date to Dairy Queen.

The letter theme of the week was S. In addition to worksheets about the letter S sound and handwriting sheets teaching the correct way to write the letter S, Mercedes practiced writing the letter S using salt.

The science theme of the week was the sun. The Bible theme of the week was "Jesus is the light of the world". In addition to letters, numbers, handwriting and phonics, we did lots of science experiments and activities about the sun.

We borrowed some books about the sun from the library.

Mercedes painted a sun.

We made a simple sundial, checking it once an hour all day long and writing the time on the pencil's shadow. We discussed why shadows exists and how people used sundials to tell time before clocks were invented.

We also searched the yard for shadows and I traced Mercedes' shadow with sidewalk chalk.

We learned how the sun turned grapes into raisins. I bought the girls some raisins to eat for a snack and we are working on making our own raisins. It's suppose to take at least two weeks so we are waiting for our grapes to dry up still.

We made sun tea.

And the girls ate a sun and clouds for lunch made from half a peach, carrot sticks and cottage cheese.

We are loving our school year so far. Mercedes and I both look forward to kindergarten time and Emerald loves helping with the science experiments and projects. We are having such a great time and Mercedes is already learning so much in the short time since we've started. Each day is unique and exciting and fun. We couldn't be happier with the MFW curriculum!

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