Thursday, September 25, 2014

MFW Unit 3: Leaves

Mercedes' Bible theme of the week for My Father's World Kindergarten was "I will live and grow in Jesus." The science theme was leaves. So the first activity we did was go on a leaf hunt. The girls were so excited about collecting leaves you would have thought it was a treasure hunt. Whenever they found a tree with unique leaves they freaked out. We walked all over the neighborhood and down the road, and to a park near our house.

They collected a big pile of leaves.

And the leaf activities began.

We did leaf rubbings with crayons.

Leaf tracing and coloring.

We made an upper case and lower case L with leaves since L was the letter theme of the week. 

We did leaf stamping by painting leaves and pressing them on a piece of paper.

And we pressed and dried some leaves to keep forever.

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