Thursday, October 9, 2014

MFW Unit 5: Nest

The theme of Mercedes' 5th unit of My Father's World Kindergarten was "God takes good care of me", and we learned about how God takes care of animals by giving them homes to live in and providing food for them. We talked a lot throughout the week about different ways God provides for us and takes care of us.

We checked out library books about different animals' habitats and homes.

We went to the zoo to see how different animals live.

Mercedes made a multimedia art project by painting a tree, gluing some paper leaves on it, cutting out paper grass, cutting out pictures of a bird, a rabbit and a butterfly, and gluing some fluffy cotton ball clouds. 

Mercedes made homes for all of her little plastic animals and fed them all.

The letter theme was "N" so Mercedes made an upper and lower case N with number stickers.

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